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CALEDONIA BIRDS has special agreements with the Blue River provincial park and the Giant tree ferns provincial park.

CALEDONIA BIRDS is also a member of the Tourism Office du Grand Sud.

Guiding tour

Isabelle will guide you to the best places to watch caledonian birds and especially the Kagu.

The Blue River provincial park

Located an hour's drive south of Noumea, the Blue River provincial park is an excellent place for birdwatching and hicking, among a wild and luxuriant vegetation. This park sprawls over 22.000 hectares of orange mineral-rich soil on which most of the plant species are endemic to New Caledonia, and many of them to this particular place!

Giant tree ferns provincial park

In the heart of the montains of Farino, the Giant tree ferns park aims to preserve its 4.500 hectars of tropical humid forest located at an altitude ranging from 400m to 700m, with more than 500 plant specicies and an amazing rate of endemism. Birdlife International identified the Giant tree ferns park as an IBA at the bigining of this millenium.

North east of the main island are the Loyalty islands, Ouvea, Lifou and Maré. Made of limestone, Ouvea is an atoll where you will discover the Ouvea parakeet (Eunymphicus cornutus uvaensis) and many birds which are endemic sub-species. Read more about Ouvea and the guides we work with.

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About your guide in New Caledonia

Isabelle Jollit has been an active member of local ornithologic communities since 2000. Since 2012 she obtained a doctoral degree in environnemental conservation.

Isabelle can arrange airport shuttle and accommodation for you. Please feel free to email with any enquiries about planning your trip to New-Caledonia. Isabelle will ensure you have a pleasant stay.